With focus on building value for entrepreneurs, TiECON Pune 2019 leadership team has dedicated first day to master classes (or deep dives), consist of Validating business Idea, Investment, Organizing Sales to Grow, Branding, Scaling to Survive and Design Thinking. These are three-hour session with class room type teaching - to be able to have attendees drill down into their own challenges and create actions to help them improve their businesses.

Scaling Your Business – To Survive

Dr. Anand Deshpande

Ashok Korwar

Companies that have gained market traction, are growing and looking at specific growth milestones.

This Deep Dive is meant for companies that have been around for some time and need something different to scale up their business. Ideal size of the companies for this Workshop will be those with annual revenue between Rs. 5 Crores (Rs. 50millions) to Rs 20 Crores (Rs. 200 Millions)

Organizing Sales to grow

Speaker: Kiran Deshpande

Start-ups that have some revenue and now are looking at how to take this to the next level.

Simply put ‘Sales’ is about converting a contact to contract. First part of this Deep Dive will cover all elements and aspects of Sales in a presentation / teaching mode. Second part will be dedicated to solving simulated and real-life case studies from the participants. Besides the main faculty, there will be Co-faculty covering specific areas so that the expertise is available for all types of start-ups. Participants will be divided into small groups to solve take up case studies. While considerable time will be available for participants to take up their own problems, they will also be given problems from other areas (For example, a B2B founder may address B2C start-up.

Validating Your Business – Are You Set to Succeed

Speaker: Ravi Nigam

Early stage start-ups or those who see the market but have not been able to convert

This Deep Dive will provide an overview of practical ways of validating your business idea, your market, price points and everything that you need to be sure of giving yourself the best chance of success. There will be examples of businesses that tweaked or sometimes drastically changed their business strategy, to articulate value to the market. The Workshop will be hands on with templates given to attendees which will be worked through. There will be individual exercises as well as group ones, with mentors on hand to support groups


Speaker: Vikas Kumar

Start-ups that are trying to work out how to fund themselves

This Deep Dive will outline all options for funding a start-up – debt and equity; angel to institutional rounds and internal resources to bootstrap the business. Typical investor approach will be covered. The Workshop will use live examples for teaching. Participants will be divided into groups and their specific funding requirements will be taken up as case studies.

Design Thinking - Design Products That Emotionally Engage

Discussion Leader: Shashank Deshpande

Design Thinking is about taking a disciplined, objective and methodical approach to solving a design problem: clearly defining the challenge, creating multiple solutions, picking the best and executing.

In this workshop, you will learn the basic principles of identifying and delivering the meaning of your story in the mind of your audience in the most memorable way. And weave this story in the product design by applying design thinking - understanding the user and what he wants to accomplish and the experience during the entire journey.


Speaker: Suneel Agarwal

Start-ups who understand their niche and are looking to grow reputation build a brand

De-mystifying Artificial Intelligence

Speaker: Kiran Deshpande

Artificial Intelligence & machine learning are used quite frequently, often loosely used at time abused. Its impact is now felt not only in IT but in the wide spectrum of business, Government and industry. This panel will cover use cases of AI, AI sub-disciplines, current AI tools, what is not AI and go down the journey of AI research and development. Panellists are AI developers, practioners and those who have seen AI from its inception and early days. This panel is open in terms of participants’ number.


This will be Strategy 101 but with lot of power punch. It is expanded version of the talk delivered by Hemant Jalan at Nurture 7.0 Boot camp in Lonavla in Dec 2018.


Speaker: Vandana Saxena

You don't get known by staying at home. The networks we have are the make or break of our businesses. Whilst a client/contact may start online, ultimately the relationship you build will be both off and online. You can have the best ideas in the world, but if you can not go out into your networks, get feedback or find customers, then you will find it difficult to build real value. Our networks are there, full of people that can help us succeed but only IF we reach out to them. Once we have established relationships with different people, something organic starts to happen: a thriving people eco-system starts to grow around us. Clients and associates may contact you for other advice. You might reach out to them for other support. The bottom live is, the stronger your relationships within your network, the stronger your business will grow.

This session will teach you to get out of your comfort zone, and think differently about how to build a people ecosystem that can truly can support you, with you supporting them back. The net result is an undoubtable increase in your and your company's net worth. Our speaker, Vandana Saxena Poria OBE will get you to re-wire your brain in this power-packed session.